Here at Southern Chute, we don’t only sell chute parts but we also offer installation and maintenance of Odor & Insect Control Systems as well as Cleaning and Repair of existing chutes.


Our Eco-friendly concentrate does not mask odors with flowery, nauseating aromas that may cause allergic reactions and can be overwhelming.

ChuteScents® automatically emits a mist every 15 minutes for 10 seconds. You get odor control 24/7 with ecoresponsible concentrate that you can feel good about. No long term contract required.

Additional odor eliminating options like Scatter Deodorizer and Deodorizer Blocks for trash rooms are available.

ChuteScents® ELIMINATES the odors in your trash room, along with the bacteria that causes them. You will be left with a fresh, clean and sanitized space. Our concentrate is naturally scented with eucalyptus oil, and USDA certified. Eucalyptus
is a natural insect repellant. South Florida is a haven for annoying fruit flies and gnats. Chute Scents helps to control them!


No harsh chemicals means no damage to your compactor and/or chute and a safe environment for your employees and residents.

ChuteScents® is installed and serviced by Southern Chute Inc. We are State-
Licensed Contractors, fully insured, and your property will be visited once a month by our friendly and professional technicians. All we need is a 110V dedicated outlet in the trash room.

Take Odor Control OFF your ‘To-Do’ List.
Call Us today for a quote to install ChuteScents® at your property.
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Trash Chute Cleaning, Chute Door Cleaning, Dryer Riser Cleaning We Keep Your Trash Chute Beautiful by performing Regular Trash Chute Cleaning. Keep Your Trash Chute Clean & Healthy

  • We’re the experts when it comes to cleaning, repairing, replacing and maintaining your trash chutes and dryer risers.
  • Trash Chute Repair & Trash Chute Replacement Services, Trash Chute Doors, and Trash Chute Parts
  • Replacement of door parts – closers , latches, handles, etc…
  • Anti-corrosion treatments and products
  • Replacement of partial or complete trash chute systems – our specialty
  • Trash chute cleaning and deodorizing using super-heated water
  • Full line of products available – Try our granular deodorizer
  • Dryer riser cleaning
  • State Licensed and Insured

We guarantee your price for three years, and we also include:

  • FREE Annual Discharge Door Service
  • FREE 6-month Fire Code Compliance inspection

For properties that need a little extra love and attention, ask about our semi-annual or quarterly cleaning rates.

Call Today for more information or to schedule an appointment (954) 475-9191.

Keeping Your Trash Chute System Safe & Healthy The Trash Chute system in your building MUST be maintained to avoid Fire and Smoke Damage, Fire Code Violations, Resident Injuries, Odors and Pest Infestation. The trash chute door, if working correctly, will create a seal keeping odors and pests where they belong…out of your building. A correctly functioning door won’t snap shut or fall open abruptly, which can injure a resident, leading to a potential lawsuit. Southern Chute is your answer to keeping your trash chute working properly and problem free Parts and Service :

  • UL-rated, self-closing, self-latching stainless steel trash & Linen chute doors
  • Replacement Parts – T-Handles; Thumb Latch Assemblies; Latch Bolts; Hydraulic & Gas-Shock Closers
  • Discharge Doors
  • Fusible Links and Springs
  • Anti-Corrosion Products
  • Complete door service to lubricate & Adjust doors; tighten all hardware; treat with anti-corrosive spray to inhibit rusting
  • Discharge door service to clean and lubricate tracks; install new fusible link & springs; ensure proper working condition
  • Replacement of elbows/offsets to stop trash blockages
  • Repair intake ramps to prevent trash falling between chute and walls, and to prolong the life of your chute.