Fire Code Compliance

Fire Code Compliance – Chute Inspections and Repairs

Avoid fire hazards and code violations by having Southern Chute professionally inspect and repair your Trash and Laundry Chute Systems.

Trash and Linen doors are required to be built to certain structural and fire-resistance standards. Most states and municipalities adopt or adhere to the Uniform Life Safety code created by an organization known as the National Fire Protection Association. A portion of these “NFPA” codes specify how chutes are constructed and the minimum fire safety requirements they must meet.

Fire Code Hazards:

· Grease/Sludge Build-up: Chutes that are not cleaned accumulate grease and sludge on the chute surfaces. These can lead to grease fires in any part of the trash system.

· Holes and Tears: Trash chutes can become damaged from corrosion or heavy items. This can lead to holes or tears in the chute itself. Any damage will allow smoke or flame in the chute to escape and spread to other floors of the building.

· Broken or Missing Discharge Doors: All trash chutes are required to have a functioning “Discharge Door”. This door (also referred to as a “guillotine” door) is designed to close automatically in the event of a fire.

· Broken or Damaged Trash and Linen Doors: All doors that act as trash or linen intake doors are required to bear a label from Underwriter’s Laboratories certifying them as fire-rated. They must also self-close and self-latch, to prevent smoke and flame from escaping through them.

What violations to look for:

· Trash or Linen doors that do not self-latch, self-close, or do not have a U.L. certification label.

· Discharge doors that are missing, damaged, or do not function smoothly

· Corroded or torn trash chute lines

· Damaged or missing trash chute roof ventilation caps

· Missing “fusible links” that activate your discharge doors

· Accumulated trash and debris that can potentially cause grease fires

Services we provide:

· Repair and replace trash and linen doors to meet fire code.

· Repair or install Discharge doors to comply with fire code.

· Chute repairs

· Complete chute replacements

· Chute cleaning and maintenance

· Dryer riser cleaning

Our cleaning service includes:

· Hand cleaning of the trash doors

· Adjustment and lubrication of trash doors

· Cleaning of the chute line using pressurized super-heated water and citra-based cleaner from a truck mounted boiler

· Power washing of the trash room and dumpster/compactor

· Inspection of all trash and discharge doors for operability.

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