At southernchute.com, we aim to provide you with the very best information possible to help you make the best decision about the maintenance and service needs of your Trash Chutes, Laundry Chutes, and Dryer Risers. We aim to answer here the questions that you’ll most commonly have.

If it’s parts that you need, please visit our online parts store at trashchuteparts.com. There you’ll find only high-quality parts for Trash Chutes, Laundry Chutes, and Dryer Riser. From hinges, to full doors, all your needs will be very well covered.

If it’s service that you need, Southern Chute is the premier source for repair, maintanence, and cleaning of Trash Chutes, Laundry Chutes, and Dryer Risers in South Florida. Our family-owned business has provided exceptional service for over 20-years through use of state-of-the-art equipment, our highly-experienced technicians, and using only top quality products to ensure both value and excellence.

  • A State Licensed, Fully-Insured (Liability & Workman’s Compensation) Mechanical Contractor
  • Complimentary annual inspections to ensure your chute complies with Fire Code
  • Chute maintenance and repair
  • Trash & Linen Chute door repairs and replacement
  • Replacement of chute systems
  • Parts and other related Products available online at trashchuteparts.com